Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gettin' the band back together . . .

Danger Park is back in action. I left Georgia and it was sad, but I now live with Sean and Andrew in the state of Vermont. Sean is about to go into his second year at CCS so Andrew and I have been hanging around to observe his glory.

Collaboration levels are reaching critical awesomeness.

Sean and I finished screen printing the covers for Subterranean 3. It looks great. Only the three of us are in the third issue. We'll be in touch about number 4 though.

Andrew drew the cover at 4x6 inches. Sean blew it up and made a sick screen print of it.

We also printed a goofy jam comic you can ask us for when you see us.

Andrew and I are making another issue of Comics are for Kids. Here's the first two pages . . .

Sean and Andrew have another crazy comic idea they're working on called Post-Comics.

2011 is the jam y'all.

Oh, I've also been hanging out with super cool dudes like Jesse Mead, Dave W, and Casey Bohn.

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